How Can I Become a Sustainer?

A Junior League member who has reached 40 years of age with three years of Active service or who, regardless of age, has contributed 7 years of Active service is eligible to become a Sustainer.  Many members contribute more than 10 years Active service, so don’t think you MUST go Sustaining after 7 years!


Requirements of A Sustainer:

Pay Your Dues!

Membership dues are due May 1.

Once a Sustainer reaches the age of 80 years young, the member may be granted upon written request to the Membership Experience Vice President the status of Sustainer Emeritus. The status is permanent and is based on the age of the member on June 1st for the year.



Opportunities for Sustainers:

Sustainers meet yearly for the Sustainer Wine Tasting, the Spring Sustainer Meeting and book club!

JLRV Sustainers may join active members at any league hosted events such as General Membership Meetings, trainings, and socials such as Ladies Who Lunch.

Please check back soon for opportunities for the 2023 – 2024 year!