Ruth Ellen Kuhnel

The Junior League of Roanoke Valley (JLRV) is saddened to hear of the passing of Ruth Ellen Kuhnel. Ruth Ellen was President of the Junior League of Roanoke Valley in 2001-2002.

Janet Frantz, another JLRV Past President, spoke to how articulate, witty, and incredibly bright Ruth Ellen was. “Ruth Ellen has a way of leveling the playing field for all and had a very Southern, genteel way about her that helped bring people together and make everyone feel welcomed.”

Ruth Ellen was a tremendous leader to the JLRV and would later go on to serve on the board for Susan G. Komen, serve as counsel to the Roanoke County and Salem Department of Social Services and finished with her rise to County Attorney of Roanoke County. Ruth Ellen was also active at Second Presbyterian Church and the Mill Mountain Garden Club. As stated in her obituary, “Ruth Ellen was an expert on friendship. Her friends were drawn from all walks of life and if all could all be gathered in a room at one time, each would consider themselves her best. That is just the kind of person she was.”

We send our condolences and gratitude to Ruth Ellen’s family, including to her husband, Paul, and her son William. We are appreciative to Ruth Ellen’s service to our organization and are deeply grateful for the positive impact she has made on our league.

Link to obituary.