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President's Letter, STAR Magazine November 2017

As we all gear up for the holidays, family and of course Stocked Market, it is a great time to look back on all of the amazing work that is happening with new placements, new leadership and new initiatives with the Junior League of Roanoke Valley. I am always amazed and proud at the amount of passion, dedication and boots on the ground work that happens in these early months of a new League year. And this work and commitment does not wain, but continues year after year. We are digging deeper this year and challenging ourselves as we 'Disrupt Convention'. 

The Governance Board and Management Team have all been meeting for six months at this point, The Stocked Market Committee has continued their work since we closed the doors on the event at last years Stocked Market, the new Community Impact Model Roll-Out committee has been digging deep into a new initiative for us since June and we have hosted the Second Virginia League's Summit last month right here in the Star City. There are many other components, committees, partnerships and commitments that have taken place to continue the amazing work of our organization. Keep asking the questions, keep embracing our 90 year history and keep pushing the envelope to power our future.

For this passion, dedication and hard work, I want to thank each of YOU for making the choice to keep our League as strong as our FULL membership. It takes every new member, active member and sustaining member to keep our League as healthy and successful as we have become. Not only our strong operations, but our membership experience and the impact we have in our community.

Enjoy the work that is happening, laugh with the amazing women you are connecting with and be proud for the mark you are making on our community as a member of the Junior League of the Roanoke Valley.

Disrupting Convention and proud of it, 

Ginger Poole Avis
2017- 2018 JLRV President


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