Board of Directors

President: Ginger Poole Avis

President-Elect: Susan Stanley-Zahorchak

Executive Vice President: Erika Lovegreen

Secretary: Bridget Hamill

Treasurer: Alicia DeMartini

Nominating Director: Ashleigh Huggard

Member-at-Large: Shannon Shaffer

Sustaining Directors: Mary Jean Levin & Ginny Jarrett

Management Team

Executive Vice President: Erika Lovegreen

Executive President-Elect: Anna Moncure

Administrative Vice President: Lindsay Phipps

Communications Vice President: Katie Jones

Community Vice President: Jenna Zibton McFarland

Finance Vice President: Lauren Maxwell 

Fund Development Vice President: Sarah Baker

Membership & Education Vice President: Kate Hailey

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board serves as a resource to identify community needs and also to help promote a better understanding of the League’s goals and projects to the community.

Helen Dean: Community Member
Bart Wilner:  President, Entre Computer Center
Carly Oliver: Associate Director, Foundation for Roanoke Valley
Kathy Baske Young: Blue Ridge Resources, LLC
Zip Basile: JLRV Sustainer
Susan Larkin: JLRV Sustainer
Ginger Poole Avis: JLRV President
Scott Leamon: Roanoke City Police
Susan Stanley-Zahorchak: JLRV President-Elect
Jenna Zibton McFarland: Community Vice President
Laura Conte: Assistant Community Vice President

Investment Advisory Board

The Investment Advisory Board reviews and makes necessary recommendations regarding the investments and grant allocation amounts of the Junior League of the Roanoke Valley.

Donna W. Lynch: Administrator,  The Trust Company of Virginia
P. Barton Peters: Investment Advisory, The Trust Company of Virginia
Walter Dixon: Dixon, Hubard, Feinour & Brown, Inc.
H. Allen Glover, Esquire: Woods Rogers, PC
Bob Bradshaw: The Trust Company of Virginia (retired)
Ginger Poole Avis: JLRV President
Susan Stanley-Zahorchak: JLRV President-Elect
Alicia DeMartini: Treasurer
Lauren Maxwell: JLRV Finance Vice-President
Molly Brown: JLRV Assistant Finance Vice-President
Julie Wheeler: JLRV Sustainer
Mimi Coles: JLRV Past President & Sustainer


Junior League of Roanoke Valley

The Jefferson Center
541 Luck Avenue, Suite 317
Roanoke, Virginia 24016
(p) 540-343-3663
(f) 540-795-5419 


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

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