Our focus – Strengthening Families and Empowering Women - is a broad one, allowing for interpretation of projects and organizations designed to provide enriching opportunities to women, parents, and children in the Roanoke Valley. We support the goals and dreams of families and women and offer opportunities for them to grow and succeed. By providing resources and support to build bridges and utilize community resources we strive to make a lasting impact in our community.

Applications for JLRV grants should be submitted for projects that reflect our vision. Applications for grants not within the Strengthening Families and Empowering Women focus area will not be eligible for consideration.

Community Project Grants

The Junior League of Roanoke Valley, Virginia, Inc. (JLRV) supports innovative community projects (in line with the JLRV mission) that allow financial and volunteer participation by the JLRV for one to three years. Both financial and volunteer support from the JLRV can change on an annual basis.

Community Project Grants are:

  • Awarded by the JLRV annually
  • Given to organizations in order to fund a long-term project with the potential to be self-sustaining
  • Given to organizations/ projects that support the mission of the JLRV
  • Able to provide a service in the geographical location of the JLRV service area
  • Able to provide the JLRV with enriching volunteer opportunities
  • Contingent upon available funding as well as board and membership approval

The application for Community Project Grants is available and must be received by the JLRV Office by September 16, 2016, 12:00 p.m. ET.

Community Opportunity Grants

Community Opportunity Grants are:

  • Mini-grants awarded by the JLRV annually (requests cannot exceed $2500)
  • Given to an organization to fund a short-term need, project or one-time event
  • Given in response to community needs that are not addressed through current JLRV projects
  • Given to organizations or projects that support the Mission of the JLRV
  • Contingent upon a two-thirds vote by the JLRV active membership at a General Membership meeting

The application for Community Opportunity Grants is available and is due on January 5, 2017, 12:00 p.m. ET.


Care that Counts Grants

Care That Counts Grants are:

  • Awarded by the JLRV annually.
  • Given to organizational projects relating to child care.
  • Given to support agencies in our community in need of assistance with sliding scale child care.
  • Given to provide scholarships to students who otherwise could not afford specific educational opportunities.
  • Given to support after school care or other opportunities that enrich the lives of children.
  • Given to other 501(c) (3) organizations with similar goals.

The application for Care that Counts Grants is available and is due on March 17, 2017, 12 p.m. ET.

Grant applications are accepted from qualified charitable organizations in the Roanoke Valley, including the cities of Roanoke and Salem and the counties of Roanoke, Botetourt and Craig. Community Project and Community Opportunity Grants are contingent upon available funding as well as board and membership approval. Care that Counts Grants are contingent upon available funding and board approval.

If you have questions about any of our grants, please email Mary Baako, Grants Chair at

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