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Membership in Junior League of Roanoke Valley is open to women of all races, religions, and national origins who share in our commitment to voluntarism and to improving our community.

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With approximately 150 active members, the JLRV makes a difference in the greater Roanoke Valley through hands-on action to help children and their families, provide financial support in the form of grants to other community organizations, and through the long-term results of training effective volunteers. Our membership is open to women of all races, religions and national origins, and includes recent college graduates, busy moms and business women – all of whom want to make a stronger impact in our community.

JLRV is committed to ensuring children and their families have the opportunities and services for optimal physical, education, cultural, emotional and social growth and development.

The Junior League is a member of the Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI). Comprised of Junior Leagues in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Great Britain, AJLI has been providing support, guidance and leadership development opportunities to member Leagues for more than 90 years. More than 190,000 Junior League members have been the driving force behind the kinds of initiatives and institutions that make communities healthier, including: childhood immunization, family literacy, women’s shelters, children’s museums, historic preservation, leadership development, and more.

The 2017-2018 New Member Chairs are listed below:

Courtney Deeds has been a member of the Junior League of Roanoke Valley for five years. She has served on one of our Community Committees and on the New Member Committee. This will be her first year serving as New Member Co-Chair. Courtney is very excited to be working with the New Members this year by helping them find their passion in the Junior League while making a difference in the community we all love.

Contact Information: (304) 668-3004 or

Chrystin Sheffield has been a member of the Junior League of Roanoke Valley for three years. She has served on the New Member Committee as the Done In a Day (DIAD) Co-Chair. This is her first year serving as New Member Co-Chair. Chrystin is passionate about bringing awareness to what our community needs to thrive and grow, as well as empowering the New Members to be leaders and active agents of change within our growth within our community.

Contact Information: (916) 276-8840 or

Please note: We will begin accepting applications for the 2018-2019 year in the spring of 2018.  If you are interested in membership and would like information about events to learn more about JLRV, meeting our members, and open houses to learn more about our upcoming new member class please contact Courtney and Chrystin at

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